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I'm a freelance videographer, attempting to grow this thing into a boutique creative firm. I'm in love with the entire creative process and do what I can to help my clients tell their story in the most compelling way possible.

I'm self-taught in most things regarding production and have been doing this for the last 9 years.

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David was great to work with. Good communication, and the gear came back on time and in good shape.

Nicholas Graves

Everything went great. David was able to meet.

Nicholas about listing audio boom package 11 days ago.
Brinker Media Group, Inc.

Great communication! Took care of the gear well. Great renter :)


Had an excellent rental experience from David, great communication and was flexible with both of our busy schedules. The a7s was great for low light in opera nightclub!

Tyshawn Smith

Everything went smoothly !

Tyshawn about listing “Pilotfly H1+” 4 months ago.
Tyshawn Smith

Everything went smoothly and worked properly!

Tyshawn about listing “Pilotfly H1+” 7 months ago.
R&D Studios Inc


David about listing “Pilotfly H1+” 7 months ago.

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